Description of the Program

In response to a record number of fatal overdose deaths in Portland in 2002, the Public Health Division started the Overdose Prevention Project in January 2003. The program was designed to approach this issue from a public health perspective. We view overdose and overdose death as being among the public health implications of drug use that needs to be addressed.

Our target population is comprised of individuals who have traditionally been the most vulnerable and underserved populations within our community. People from all income levels deal with issues such as poor health, mental illness, and drug addiction; many are subsequently ostracized by the general public.

We hope to help restore basic human dignity to those who are dealing with the disease of addiction while empowering them to seek solutions and improve their overall health and welfare.

 Since the formation of the Overdose Prevention Project, fatal overdoses in Portland have dropped by 50%. We hope to see those numbers drop even more.


Our purpose is to prevent drug overdoses by providing support, advocacy, education and outreach to the Portland community through positive collaborations and partnerships.

What to Do if Someone Overdoses

Knowing what to do in the event of an overdose
can be the difference between life and death.

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Overdose Prevention Project